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IP rated industrial elevator
Edipower natural gas power plants
Piacenza and Turbigo sites – Italy

Italy Edipower is one of the leading electrical power utilities in Italy, with an installed capacity of around 6,000 MW, mainly fossil fuel fired and hydro.

The majority of the power stations were acquired from the previous owner (the former State Owned ENEL) and Edipower went for a massive investment in rehabilitation and conversion to CCGT plants, including the two located in Piacenza and Turbigo (north of Italy).

As a part of this activity, completed in 2013, Maspero Elevatori has been appointed by the main Contractor to provide two IP rated elevators, inclusive of the galvanized steelworks, connecting floors at each stop and all the necessary excavations and civil works (with all the care required by this crowded environment).

The purpose of the two elevators is to provide safe, fast and reliable access to people, tools and spare components to the high level of the plant. This is achieved through two 1.0 ton capacity units, without machine room (to grant a better match within the existing structures), with a vertical rise of 43 m.

One of the goals of the project (other than the “turnkey” principle of the contract), was the requirement for the lifts to stand long-terms exposition to the severe environmental conditions of North of Italy, with huge temperature range and massive exposure to harsh environmental conditions such as rain and snow falls. Maspero has achieved the target through the provision of fully IP rated components (water and dust-proof equipment) and the galvanizing of all the steelworks and of the metal components of the elevators.

Why Maspero Elevatori has been selected to join this challenging project ?

  • Unrivalled experience in industrial environment
  • Capability to provide all-inclusive design and supply
  • Accurate and timely installation support
  • Efficient after sale service

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Ascensore montacarichi antideflagrante

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