Explosion-proof elevator
ECSA Group, Switzerland

ECSA – Centonze Group has been active in the field of chemicals and later petrolchemicals since 1913. The headquarters are based in south of Switzerland, a strategic location along the north-south stream from central to southern Europe.
Currently the Group employs around 240 people, and plays a leading role in the market of Switzerland and north of Italy.
The core activities of the branches of the Group deal with storage, mixing and distribution of raw chemical, power generation and plant maintenance.

For the main storage facility in Balerna (CH), ECSA needed a massive goods lift capable to fulfil the needs of efficient vertical transportation of the fluid tanks among the many levels of the building.

The challenge of the project was to provide an elevator suitable for the surrounding explosive atmosphere, designed and installed to allow  the certification of compliance to the specific standards of this industry and obviously grant a safe and reliable long-term use.

The unit provided by Maspero fulfils all these needs through a strong and reliable hydraulic mechanism designed to stand a maximum load of 5,000 kg.

The necessary explosion proof rating (class IIB – T3) was achieved though properly certified components (doors, control stations, switches, lighting…), strictly fitted and sealed as per the respective Manufacturer’s recommendations.

Maspero goods elevator is now a key element of the process chain in ECSA warehouse facility in Balerna.

Why Maspero Elevatori has been selected to join this challenging project ?

  • Unrivalled experience in explosive environment
  • Design capabilities and flexibility
  • Accurate and timely installation support
  • Efficient after sale service

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