Le Tréport, the town of cliffs, is located in the Seine-Maritime Department in the Normandy region in France. From the town it is possible to access the panoramic terrace on top of the cliffs thanks to the four inclined lifts made by Maspero Elevatori.

The historic funicular was inaugurated for the first time in 1908 and resumed in 2006 with two first lifts, followed by two more in 2009.

The four inclined lifts take visitors from the town at sea level to the top of the cliff to enjoy the splendid view of the town and the English Channel or it is possible to do the opposite route starting from the top of the cliff and, passing through the first section in rock, take your breath away at the sight of this quaint fishing port located in the northern tip of Normandy.

During the ascent and descent, visitors can enjoy the splendid panorama thanks to the completely glass cabins.

The upper part of the route of a total of 158.15 meters is made in a tunnel inside the rock of the cliff.

All four inclined lifts have a capacity of 1075 kg and a capacity of 14 people. The route between the downstream and upstream stops is covered at a speed of 1.60 m / s.

Each lift is equipped with the necessary safety devices starting from safety parachutes certified according to the EN 81.22 standard for inclined lifts up to the telephone alert system connected to an emergency call center.

The cabins, characterized by a characteristic rounded shape, are completely made of glass, equipped with 1000mm wide sliding doors and each have a handrail fixed to the floor along the entire perimeter around the doors in order to ensure maximum safety and comfort for all passengers during the journey.

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