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Maspero Elevatori offers a wide range of smart mobility solutions with its inclined elevators all made in Italy.

At Maspero Elevatori, we take pride in building the most beautiful and functional inclined elevators and we carefully take into account the customer’s every need. We are able to provide a complete package of solutions that can adapt to the various situations where building an inclined lift is necessary. Our team is able to build:

  • Inclined lifts, including machine noiseless solutions, up to 3,000 kg capacity and 3 m/s speed
  • Indoor or outdoor installations, with a wide range of optional extras to fulfill the most demanding expectations
  • Front or side access doors, single or double with bottom or top operator
  • Variable slope and curvilinear travel
  • Low operation and maintenance cost solutions, with regenerative braking systems or solar powered motors
  • Pre-assembled rails, electrical wiring, control systems and motors / gears contributing to the reduction of installation costs
  • Among the extras for your safety and comfort: CCTV camera, air-con, remote monitoring system, safe landing system and wireless devices both for doors operation and data communication
  • Turn-key solutions, from the study of the geological environment, seismic assessment, wind and weather conditions, necessary building permits/licenses up to complete installation, final handover with CE mark and extended warranty terms with local state-of-the art after-sales service
  • Maspero Elevatori can offer a 360-degree service and is the only supplier able to certify its inclined lifts according to EN 81.22

The inclined elevators by Maspero Elevatori are perfectly suited for public transportation (metro and railway stations), urban accesibility, ski resorts and historical buildings.

Metro and railway stations: our inclined lifts comply with the European norm for people with physical disabilities featuring in particular cabins 1100mm wide and 1400mm deep.
Furthermore, they are quite compact thanks to the frontal entrances and can be installed like escalators with two support points.
Each system is pre-assembled and tested in our plant and can also be inspected by our customer before delivery. This ensures the maximum speed of assembly and reliability during start-up.
Panoramic cabins ensure the highest safety and fit better in the context where they are installed and run on wheels to maximize the comfort.

Thanks to their being compact, inclined elevators by Maspero Elevatori for metro and railway stations allow to have one common exit for everyone avoiding a separate lift in the middle of squares.

In many European cities connecting neighbourhoods situated on different levels has been long an important issue. Maspero Elevatori offers flexible solutions with several advantages:

  • low running costs;
  • low energy consumption;
  • complete automation of the system;
  • removal of architectural barriers;
  • maximum panoramic view (360 ° view);
  • can be used during atmospheric events thanks to the protected start and arrival stations and the enclosed cabin;
  • low environmental impact

Urban accessibility or smart mobility.

Smart mobility can be defined as the set of urban planning strategies aimed at optimizing and innovating public services. The main purpose is to relate the material infrastructures of the city with the human, intellectual and social capital of those who live there thanks to the widespread use of new technologies of communication, mobility, environment and energy efficiency in order to improve the quality of life and satisfy the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions.

Our solutions cover the segment of so-called hectometric urban transport, or relative to short distances that do not exceed 1 km.
Starting from the definition of smart city and focusing on the application that concerns us or smart mobility, the added value that our company can bring concerns the following activities:

  1. planning;
  2. choice of inclined lift;
  3. design phase;
  4. installation.

Inclined lifts by Maspero Elevatori are suitable also for ski resorts.

Our system is optimized for installations with a travel less than 500 meters and a speed within 4 m/s.
They can be used to connect the interchange areas (parking or railway or bus station/ lift departure points) to the ski parks and mountain huts.
Bespoken solutions to ensure a low impact of start and arrival stations is also a key feature of our inclined lifts for ski resorts.

Inclined lifts are a suitable choice for sites of historical interest.

Often sites of historical interest fail to be valued and fail to bring the right added value to their community and this because of the need for accessibility and comfort standards that are not present.

Quite often, given the beauty of the sites, their renovation and enhancement is linked to specific business plans that make it the perfect location for events. in this case too, accessibility is essential for success.

Take a ride in our spacious and elegant inclined elevators and be delighted by the best views through the panoramic glass walls: you will never have to face hard climbs again! Hillside buildings, scenic coastal or mountain estates, public facilities, restaurants, resorts and observation decks: all become easily accessible by anyone with a Maspero Elevatori lift.

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