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From a physical point of view, an inclined elevator is a car that runs on rails similar to railroad tracks or cables. Since there’s no vertical path to face, and no actual “floor” to reach, there are only three buttons: the door open and close button and the “up” and “down” directional buttons.

Benches and handrails can also be found to support the passengers, especially when an inclined elevator has to make particularly long trips.

These elevators carry both people and light equipment. 

The deep and narrow shape of the service elevator cab facilitates the loading of long cleaning trolleys, supply trolleys, and similar light equipment.

The use of an inclined elevator is now also expanding in residential places due to its special characteristics.

Maspero Elevatori offers a wide range of highly customizable inclined lifts that are suitable to cover every need.

inclined lifts

Innovative ideas and solutions for residential inclined elevators

Because there are no ropes, the motors move the car’s weight, reducing used energy. Elevators moving in vertical and horizontal directions without height constraints and passing one another in adjacent shafts will allow for much greater architectural freedom.

The availability of diverse home elevator options has yet revolutionized residential accessibility and convenience. 

From traditional hydraulic elevators to futuristic vacuum elevators and practical stairlifts, there is a solution for every home and individual need. 

Whether you’re looking to improve mobility, add value to your property, or enhance the aesthetics of your home, a residential inclined elevator offers a range of choices to suit your requirements. 

Consult Maspero to determine the best option that aligns with your home’s architecture and specific accessibility needs. Our Company represents a one-stop solution when you are looking for the best range of high-quality home lifts and elevators.

Benefits and considerations of using residential inclined elevators

Residential inclined elevators suit larger homes and offer smooth and efficient vertical transportation. 

They come in various sizes and designs, allowing customization to match the overall aesthetic of your home.

As we have written in other articles, inclined lifts are ideally suited to the needs of city public transport, especially in ancient cities perched on mountains and hills. Still, they can also be found in tourist attractions such as resorts, beaches, or cultural monuments.

However, inclined lifts can become excellent allies even in private homes, especially those with large gardens and parks on a gradient. This choice cannot be made by ignoring the reference standard for inclined lifts (European standard UNI EN 81-22-2014, which can be downloaded from the European Union website, which details all the safety rules for this type of system, both traction and push). 

Maspero Elevatori offers the highest security value and maximum compliance with the current international legislation and full support and maintenance after installing each type of elevator.

In our production, we take care of both the aesthetic and functional side of the lifts, as seen in this inclined lift project for a private villa. 

Our challenge is to propose customized solutions with the best value for money, which bring the highest technological innovation.