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The inclined lift installed at Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s Atelier in Genoa was the first such lift for private use with the change of inclination (it goes from 40 ° to 20 °).

The full glass cabin has a duty load of 630 kg and capacity for 8 persons and has single access with fully glazed central opening automatic doors.

The inclined lift has a total travel of 140 meters and serves to connect the atlier to the main road and also connect the various levels of the Genoese headquarters of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, built on a hill overlooking the sea and with shapes that recall those of the typical greenhouses of the terraced coast of Liguria.

Inclined lift for the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Geoa (Ialy)

Renzo Piano 02

Ascensore inclinato presso sede Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Renzo Piano 01