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Quezzi District, Genoa, Italy

The inclined lift for public use in the Quezzi district, Genoa.

The inclined lift has a capacity of 1875 kg for 25 people.

The lift is characterized by a variable slope with an inclined section with 44.13 ° for a 27.14 meter run, another section with 30.33° for a 55.22 meter run and a connecting arc of 48.17 meters.

The installation is in a partially closed shaft (tunnel) and partially outdoors exposed to the elements.

The lower station is located at 59.30 meters above sea level while the upper station at 135.15 for a total height difference of 75.85 meters.

The lift is equipped with a system for maintaining the cabin in the horizontal position, designed to obtain the horizontal position of the same as the inclination of the runway varies.

The panoramic lift cabin was created with the widest possible transparency in order to minimize the visual impact on the surrounding area, and at the same time guarantee the occupants maximum comfort, eliminating the claustrophobic effect given by closed places.

The cabin is equipped inside with special handrails to give the passengers an appropriate grip during the movement of the system. The windows inserted in the cabins are of the athermic type to control the heating of the cabin and of the self-cleaning type to limit the maintenance activity necessary for cleaning the system.

There is also an automatic air conditioning system capable of keeping the cabin temperature within the preset values. The lighting is made with LEDs in order to limit energy consumption to a minimum, while photovoltaic panels are installed on the cabin roof to guarantee the electrical needs of the cabin lighting.

Inclined glass as smat mobility solution inf Quezzi, Genoa (Italy) Nardiniinclinato ad uso pubblico a Quezzi, Genova

Quezzi Genova 03

Inclined lift for public use in Quezzi, Genoa

Quezzi Genova 02

Inclined lift for public use in Quezzi, Genoa

Quezzi Genova 01