Round glass elevator in the Gae Aulenti square in Milan, Italy.

The round glass elevator (made of glass and stainless steel) shown in the pictures below was designed and installed by Maspero Elevatori for public transportation at Gae Aulenti Square in Milan. The context is the new Porta Nuova district: this historic area of the city has recently been the subject of redevelopment in the name of modernity and efficiency. Now the Porta Nuova district is famous around the world for its wonderful and innovative skyscrapers; it’s the new ultra-modern and international image of the city and the stunning panoramic lift made by Maspero Elevatori is part of it.

The circular hydraulic lift has a direct central piston under the cabin, a capacity of 2300 kg and a capacity of 30 people.

The lift has a speed of 0.63 meters per second, makes 3 stops with 3 opposite services for an 11.5 meter run.

Round panoramic cabin with stone floor, stainless steel ceiling with lighting by halogen spotlights, stainless steel tubular handrail.

Gae Aulenti 03

Gae Aulenti 02

Gae Aulenti 01