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The use of panoramic lifts is growing exponentially in Italy and in the world.

But what exactly are we talking about when we mention the term “panoramic lift”?


In general, we refer to a transport system by vertical lifting, intended for people. As the word itself says, its main characteristic is tohave a cabin with glass walls, so as to allow the vision of the surrounding environment while moving. 


Panoramic elevators can be both indoor and outdoor; now it has become common to see them both in private and public places (see the Maspero realization in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan), and they are striking for their aesthetic value and their extreme functionality.


Dnow very popular in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and banks, their use is increasingly required also for private homes.


This is also thanks to the great customization possibilities offered by a company like Maspero, active for over 50 years in the design and construction of elevators.


Panoramic lifts can be built with the use of different materials (steel, glass …) and have different shapes, even if the most common are rounded or square. They allow you to have a greater natural brightness inside the cabin, and are ideal for those who have always disdained the use of a “classic” and “standard” elevator (that is, without the possibility of external vision) because it is uncomfortable in closed places, and with little light and space.


In fact, the cabin has at least one or more glass walls, and is generally placed inside a glass compartment. The view is therefore always assured, as well as the feeling of always remaining in contact with what is outside. 


In addition, if the elevator is placed outside a building, it can still be used during orat any time of the year. In fact, it will be made with cold and weatherproof materials.


Therefore, a renewed and perceptible experience in its comfort and aesthetics, even during adverse seasons.

Whether you are in a shopping center orin a showroom and you have to climb a few floors, or you want to arrive on an impervious viewpoint, using a panoramic lift allows you to experience every movement in a pleasant and reassuring condition, even exciting in particularcontexts. 

Each environment is enhanced by this architectural choice, even condominiums that have large courtyards, or places of particular history such as the Rizzoli Library in Milano, whose vertical elevator was built by Maspero. 

Modello ascensore panoramico

The uses and types of a panoramic lift

We have seen that there are many possible locations for a panoramic lift.

This is thanks above all to a design that matches every style, even that of buildings of historical value. 

This mobile infrastructure is characterized by an effective combination in practically every environment in which it is inserted, by virtue of the customizations that can be made, starting from any type of finish, for example of the glass used.

In this way, the placewhere the panoramic lift will be positioned is better enhanced and enjoyed, combining beauty with functionality, practicality and comfort of vertical movement.

The lifting system thus realized can be placed both outside and inside buildings, and have anelectric supply with ropes (more widespread) or hydraulic (that is, the movement is generated by a hydraulic piston inside the compartment); choices that depend largely on where the system will be positioned, the height to be reached and the load that will have to be supported. 

All factors that the Maspero company considers carefully and punctually, during each phase of the design, also to calculate power and consumption of the panoramic lift; factors that obviously vary according to the architectural structurein which it will be inserted. 

Utilizzi ascensore panoramico

Panoramic lift: for both outdoor and indoor environments 

An external panoramic lift meets both aesthetic and portability needs. There are many buildings in Italy, most often historical ones, that do not allow the creation of an internal lifting infrastructure. The external option allows to guarantee a less complex and faster installation of the standard lift, because in essence it will have to be “leaning” on the building, without  the need for structural interventions inside the construction. 

This will also be an advantage for all those people who suffer from reduced mobility, and cannot face stairs, steep or not.

In addition, the panoramic lift canal so be no longer attached to the reference building, but can be connected to it through a special walkway; another option of equal aesthetic and functional quality.

In this specific case, the smaller rooms can be exploited to place the panoramic lift, always safeguarding beauty and practicality, as well as safety. 

Panoramic lift and security

Outdoor panoramic lifts must meet special safety requirements. 

As we mentioned earlier, they must guarantee resistance to frost, bad weather and even seismic events. 

It is necessary for this reason that all the materials of the realization have carried out antioxidant treatments. 

For the rest, there are no particular tasks to install a panoramic lift, respecting all the necessary safety standards. Specific building permits must be requested to comply with the provisions of the law in force, which also determines the stages of the development of the work. 

Once the panoramic lift is installed, the maintenance procedure will be set up at regular intervals to ensure maximum safety of use and the prevention of any type of wear.

Recall that a steel structure is the fulcrum of this mobile infrastructure, as well as the compartment is protected by shatterproof glass; All this, to offer excellent vision and attractive aesthetics, together with a solidity andintegrity at the highest levels.

Panoramic lifts certainly represent the future of vertical mobility, precisely because they are designed and manufactured with high quality standards, both indoors and outdoors. 

An innovative solution with multiple uses and locations, as demonstrated by our further work:  a panoramic lift in a prestigious internal courtyard.

The world of panoramic lifts is growing, and so are we, always ready for new design challenges and always responding innovatively and impeccably to the needs of our customers.

We are at your disposal to listen to your requests and find and together with you the best solution to meet all your needs.