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Panoramic glass lifts: the elegance of transparencies

Panoramic glass lifts have always been considered elegant systems, which fit discreetly into any context, enhancing it. They are therefore an appropriate choice both for modern and luxurious environments, which need an additional touch of class and refinement, and for historical sites, resulting in little invasiveness. Usually, elevators of this type are characterized by steel finishes, which contribute to a unique and essential design. In addition to the association of glass and steel, in recent times the use of corten iron has spread, particularly durable and resistant. On the aesthetics of the elevators, contrary to what you think, you can play a lot, opting for example for smoked, satin, or colored crystals. The cabin can also be customized, depending on the place of installation, which can then be circular or squared, and partially or completely panoramic.

Accessibility and design

A glass elevator is the perfect ally for those looking to improve accessibility to their store, site, boutique or commercial office, whether it is designed for outdoor or indoor use. We usually think of elevators as confined spaces, which create a sense of claustrophobia in some people. With glass there is greater airiness and this increases the sense of security. Especially if we talk about external glass elevators that must guarantee:

  1. Anti-seismic safety
  2. Resistance to atmospheric and climatic agents (to prevent oxidation and water infiltration).

If they also offer a good sunlight filtering system, so much the better.


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Panoramic glass elevators, hydraulic or electric

For small buildings with small spaces, hydraulic glass elevators are more suitable, offering particularly flexible and economical solutions. Electric elevators are more suitable for buildings with high user traffic, also ensuring particular energy efficiency and noiselessness.

Panoramic glass lifts

Glass panoramic elevators are undoubtedly a modern and design choice, for some structures more than for others. This is the case of luxury hotels, where a system of this type finds its perfect location. The same applies to SPAs and wellness centers.

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Even all commercial buildings, whether they are department stores, ateliers or showrooms, with glass elevators are enhanced. These systems are also perfect for period condominiums, which require a certain decorum. Moreover, being in line with the latest architectural trends, glass elevators are also a guessed choice in the renovation projects of private homes or shops, to enhance both outdoor spaces, such as the façade or garden, and internal ones, such as halls and stairwells. In summary, the advantages of glass panoramic elevators are without a doubt:

  1. Modern and versatile design and style
  2. The functionality
  3. Safety, thanks to resistant materials (laminated or tempered glass, which resist stress and temperature changes).

Keep up with the times too and rely on professionals in the sector. Maspero will direct you to the glass elevator that best suits your specific needs.