Our group, custom elevator designs made in Italy

Since the Seventies Maspero Elevatori has been entering the international market and now the Company has earned a strong presence and reputation all over the world. Our “made in Italy” production is synonymous with style, creativity as well as ability in delivering smart and innovative technological solutions.
Maspero Elevatori has 4 sales branches in Italy (Milan, Turin, Genoa and Rome), 4 foreign subsidiaries and many strategic partners in different Countries.


4 Sales Branches

Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome


3 Subsidiaries

Lifta S.A. – Switzerland
Maspero Elevatori – Paris branch
Maspero Limited – United Kingdom


2 partnerships

Moscow, St. Petersburg

Middle East

3 partnerships

Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait


1 Subsidiary

Maspero India

2 partnerships

South Korea, Japan

South America

2 partnerships

1 for Argentina, 1 covering the following Countries: Panama, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Aruba, Curacao, Barbados, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile