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The Hotel Excelsior Gallia reopened to the public in 2015 after a long modernization process by Arch. Marco Piva, with many references to Vico Magistretti, Achille Castiglioni, Giò Ponti, Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Franco Albini and to the great world of Italian design. A prestigious location dedicated to Milanese excellence (design, culture, fashion, architecture), but still open to welcoming world travelers.
A wide range of bespoke materials identifies the different spaces: aluminium, glass, marble with silver inserts, even for the lifts which connect the eight levels of the building, where the colour of the cabin lights changes during the journey.
Maspero turns the vedical transportation in the building into an emotional experience as a proof of the warm welcome of Grande Milano.
Maspero Elevatori supplied a total of seventeen lifts, hoists and lifting platforms between the historic and the new wing. In addition to the service elevators and two vertical lifting platforms, there are four electric vertical passenger elevators with leather-covered walls and two passenger elevators with backlit floors and ceilings, which change color as you go up and down with a feel-good effect on the passengers. thanks to this chromotherapy.

Four lifts have a cabin of 1260×1480 mm with a capacity of 800kg and a capacity of 10 people. The back wall of these cabins is in black reflex glass with plinth (skirting board) in brown antique marble, while the side walls are covered halfway with fireproof black leather and plinth in brown antique marble while the other half is in stainless steel. shot-blasted champagne color. The floor is in brown antique marble. The ceiling of the cabins is in backlit black reflex glass.
Questi ascensori sono a coppie di duplex, hanno una corsa di 34,25 metri con 9 fermate.
Two other lifts have a cabin of 1400×1430 mm with a capacity of 825 kg and a capacity of 10 people. The back wall is in black reflex glass, the side walls are in white ice stone in the lower part, while in the upper one in black stainless steel. The floor and ceiling are in backlit white ice stone. The handrails are in nickelmat.
These elevators are a pair of duplexes, have a run of 34.25 meters with 9 stops 33.50 meters with 10 stops on the same side.