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Removal of architectural barriers for the Luisa Spagnoli flagship store in Milan with the Maspero Elevatori vertical lift.

Full-glass hydraulic indoor lift with metal shaft covered in gold-colored stainless steel and cladded with framed extra-clear glass.

The hydraulic lift, of the Hydroomless line without machine room, has a capacity of 900 kg.

Other technical features are: speed 0.60 meters per second, 2 stops on the same side, 4.5 meters travel.

The car and landing doors are in extra-clear glass with a door opening of 900×2000 mm.

The cabin, thanks to its all-glass walls, roof and doors, offers a complete view of the shop’s display area.

For greater passenger comfort and safety, a handrail fixed to the floor along the inner perimeter of the cabin is provided and the controls are integrated into the cabin to complete the design.