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Maspero Elevatori is able to carry out any project, even the most extreme and complicated, thanks to experienced professionals in the sector and an experience in the field of lifts that has lasted for over 50 years.

What motivates us at Maspero Elevatori is to always try to push ourselves further. Very often it is difficult to realize that, when it comes to elevators, or elevators, it is not just a ski lift for people in condominiums and skyscrapers, but also structures for city transport (for example hill lifts) , freight elevators for goods and articulated cars and much more.

Often the design of these plants takes months, if not years, to comply with all current regulations, and also requires very complex design and civil engineering processes, which only highly qualified professionals are able to carry out.

We at Maspero Elevatori are one of these professionals, celebrated both by customers and also by the pages of famous Italian and international newspapers for the audacity and perfect quality of our products. Over the years we have been able to create technologically advanced systems, even in areas that are difficult to reach or for extreme needs.
In this short article we would like to share with you some of our most successful and ambitious projects.

The solution for public transport: variable slope lift

This lift is installed in Genoa, a morphologically uneven city in which building is really complicated. The challenge was the construction of a ski lift that did not require excessively impacting excavations either at ground level or in terms of costs.

Given the particularity of the terrain, the solution found was to create a lift with a variable slope, for a difference in height of 75.85 meters (27 m in the tunnel, 23 m “in the trench” and the last 81 m in elevated mode). The panoramic cabin is equipped with a correction system that keeps it constantly horizontal, is air-conditioned and equipped with photovoltaic panels in the upper part.

The cabin itself can carry up to 25 people for a total of almost 2000 kg of weight and represents a very technologically advanced solution for the area in which the plant is built. A challenge 100% won for maximum satisfaction both for us and, especially, for the customer.


Extreme solution for a truck mount: the museum facility in London

In this case the challenge was even more demanding, as it was necessary to intervene inside a prestigious museum in London without damaging the facade of a building located in the city center, and above all very characteristic from an architectural level. In addition, the plant to be built turned out to be truly impressive, that is a truck mount capable of accommodating large articulated vehicles for moving works of art.
A further difficulty was represented by the need to comply with some strict environmental constraints, namely to have a structure with zero impact on the surrounding environment. Despite the dimensions of the truck mount (capacity 42,000 kg, dimensions 18 x 4.5 m), all requests were met perfectly.
In fact, access to the trucks was allowed directly from street level, with the truck lift reaching the level of the workshops. Furthermore, from the outside it is impossible to see the entrance to the plant, as it is sealed by a mobile platform, so that the impact to the eye is null. The works of art are not only inside the museum.

Accessibility and respect for the territory: the lift that appears out of nowhere

One of the greatest challenges, one of the greatest difficulties and above all one of the most stringent constraints in the construction of these complex structures, made up of many parts that collaborate with each other, is respect for the environmental impact, or the absence of visual pollution. .
One of the biggest challenges often asked by customers is the construction of a fully functional system but with the minimum possible visual impact on the surrounding environment.
In this case, and we are talking specifically about the Hines Italia Headquarters in Milan, it was necessary to allow disabled access from the sidewalk of the main street to an event area / auditorium located 5 meters below the street level. The problem here was the existence of legislation that prohibited the construction of any volumetric structure on the adjacent sidewalk.
The constraints were quite stringent, but thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the sector, an optimal solution was found. In fact, a particular retractable platform was created in the pavement with a paved mobile roof similar to the pavement and protected by particular photocell systems and anti-shearing and anti-crushing mobile rib. As you can see, the result is perfect.