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For Expo 2015 Maspero Elevatori supplied the two panoramic vertical lifts for the Palazzo Italia pavilion.

The two lifts both have a completely glass cabin, with a polished stainless steel button panel integrated into the handrail positioned on three sides and fixed to the floor.

For the customization of the floor, the appropriate arrangements were made that also took into account the lighting by means of LED spotlights recessed into the floor.

The car and landing doors are completely made of glass.


Over the last few years, the transformation of the former Expo 2015 area has started to take shape, where the Palazzo Italia has become the hub of MIND Milano Innovation District, “a new ecosystem of innovation”. The external panoramic elevators of Palazzo Italia, by Maspero Elevatori S.P.A, which were previously used by the thousands of visitors to the EXPO, will now be available to researchers from Human Technopole, the new Italian research institute for life sciences.

Vertical panoramic lift: closeup of the cabin operating panel.

Glasslifts for the Pavilllon Palazzo Italia 06

Panoramic vertical lift at the Italian Pavilion

Passenger lifts at the Padiglione Italia 05

Panoramic vertical lifts at the Italian Pavilion

Vertical passenger lifts for the Padiglione Italia 04

Panoramic vertical lifts at the Italian Pavilion

Ascensori panoramici Maspero al Padiglione Italia 03

Ascensori verticali panoramici presso Padiglione Italia

The scenic passenger lifts at the Italian Pavillon 2015 02

Ascensori verticali panoramici presso Padiglione Italia

Maspero glass lifts at the Italian Expo Pavillon 01