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Italian lift manufacturers: a well-deserved record

In recent years, Italy has been able to conquer an important record in the world of lifts. In fact, our country is the one with the largest and most varied fleet of lifts. Of all Italian elevation systems, more than 60% are equipped with the most modern technologies, which means that Italians invest heavily in progress and continuously update themselves in the technological field. In particular, Lombardy and Liguria are the regions equipped with the most modern technologies. Let’s talk about Made in Italy. The Italian industry of lifts and escalators certainly represents excellence from every point of view. In particular, Italy is the second world exporter after China. In the sector of components for lifts, our nation shows a historic specialization, maintaining a share that is close to 15% of total world exports. Numbers that alone speak for themselves. Italy has earned its reputation.

Why choose Made in Italy

When you need to install a lift or any lifting platform, there are some aspects to consider:

  • The energy impact. Choosing a quality system will allow you to keep the overall consumption of the building under a certain limit.
  • Ordinary maintenance. Choosing competent professionals, among the Italian lift manufacturers, who carry out periodic checks on the systems, will allow you to save on extraordinary maintenance, which is necessary, following negligence and damage due to failure to overhaul the parts.

For this reason, choosing Made in Italy is undoubtedly a guarantee of quality. Maspero Ascensori’s expertise has been built on interventions all over the world, from Moscow, Paris, London, to Dubai. The secret of one of the best-known Italian lift manufacturers lies in supporting customers from all over the world on a daily basis, from design to installation, up to the maintenance of lifts and elevation systems. But success is not built on its own: Maspero’s portfolio has been considerably enriched also thanks to the collaboration with the most important architects from all over the world, including Renzo Piano and Richard Meier, to name a few.

The uniqueness of Italy in the world of lifts

When we speak of Italian excellence we are not referring only to something built in the Italian territory. Made in Italy is a guarantee of taste, functionality and style. Maspero offers a large luxury portfolio, thanks to systems designed to enhance the environment, leaving room for design and cutting-edge technologies. But Made in Italy also means competence: creating elegant systems that are also durable and reliable. Maspero lifts designed for infrastructures manage to reconcile all these elements, faithfully complying with European and international regulations, to offer an efficient and safe service to public structures. And finally Made in Italy means attention to detail and this leads us straight to the tailor-made solutions created by the group, from vertical or inclined lifts and mini-lifts, to escalators, to lifting platforms.

Maspero did not become a leader in the sector overnight. It was the desire to try extreme projects and to build systems that overcome engineering problems such as the change of direction that pushed the group towards the top. Parabolic lifts, with slope change and truck mounts are some of the challenges that have allowed the group to become a spokesperson for the quality of Made in Italy in the field of lifts. A record that Maspero aims to maintain every day.