Public lifts for public infrastructures

We design safe, efficient and accessible mobility solutions.

Whether it is for lifts for the maintenance personnel of a suspension bridge or for a subway station or for urban mobility, our team of engineers is able to develop the solution tailored to your needs.

Maspero Elevatori designs, manufactures and installs external and internal lifts, vertical and inclined elevators, escalators and moving walkways which comply with the European and international regulations and reliably fulfil the required duties within the public infrastructures.

Château de Saint-Pierre, Aosta Valley

Vertical glass passenger lift at St. Nazaire train station

Paris Metro Station, France

Round glass lift at Gae Aulenti square

Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan, Italy

Inclined lift in Montegalletto, Genoa (Italy)

Public transport Montegalletto, Genova

outdoor glass lift a toll bridge

Drawbridge, La Seyne-sur-Mer, France

Bespoke platform lift at the Hermitage museum

A bespoke platform lift by Maspero Elevatori at Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Inclined lift for public use in Quezzi, Genoa

Quezzi District, Genova, Italy

Inclined lift for public use at the Naples Metro

Naples underground, Italy

Inclined lift for public use at the Naples Metro

Inclined lift for the Penang Temple, Malaysia

Maspero inclined elevators in Treport, France

Le Tréport Public Transport, France

Ascensore inclinato presso stazione metro di Gare Saint-Nazaire, Parigi

Paris Underground, France

Ascensore inclinato di Montallegro

The Sanctuary of Montallegro, Rapallo, Italy