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In the extreme north-west of Italy, in the Aosta Valley, is located the beautiful castle of Saint-Pierre, one of the oldest in the Aosta Valley; the existence of this castle can be traced back to at least 1191, the year in which the first documented mention is recorded.
The appearance of the castle has profoundly changed as in the following centuries the castle changed hands several times and each new seigniory made its architectural changes up to the most evident ones at the end of the 19th century when the new owner, Baron Emanuele Bollati di Saint -Pierre, had the structure transformed into a summer residence with an almost fairy-tale appearance, such as the addition of the four decorative turrets at the corners of the keep.
The castle is perched on a marble rocky outcrop overlooking the state road and dominates the village of Saint-Pierre. Externally it appears as a single building of a more or less rectangular shape, made up of several buildings built in different eras.
The castle, which already housed the headquarters of the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences, was closed from 2008 to 2022 for works to consolidate the structure and reorganize the museum spaces.
Part of these works is the installation of the inclined lift created by Maspero Elevatori in order to make access to the structure from the underlying car park more easily accessible, even for people with reduced mobility.
In order to minimize the aesthetic impact of the lift, the car was made with transparent glass walls and the car and landing doors are also in framed glass.
The inclined lift created by Maspero Elevatori has a panoramic cabin with dimensions of 1400 mm x 1500 mm with a capacity of 900 kg and with two adjacent entrances with automatic doors with centrally opening sliding doors 800 mm wide in compliance with accessibility regulations .
The lift travels 17 meters with a degree of inclination of 37°.