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Inclined elevators, enjoy the ride

Inclined elevators, also known as funiculars or external elevators, are often used in residential builddings located on hills, to allow users to move from one point of the residence to another, without the discomfort of the slope. However, they are also great for commercial uses.

Inclined elevators

What are the applications of inclined elevators?

If the business in question is located on a hill, it may be inconvenient for customers to have to climb it on foot. With an inclined elevator you have the opportunity not only to enjoy smooth and luxurious transportation, but also to enjoy the view, as these elevators are entirely designed in glass. In this way, the number of dissatisfied customers is drastically reduced and, more importantly, the business becomes accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Inclined elevators are also excellent for resorts, especially those by the lake or those that extend over a large part of the hinterland. It could be that touch of class that our restaurant lacks, to give customers the opportunity to access the restaurant directly from the parking lot, enjoying the view and without the effort of climbing dozens and dozens of steps, with the risk of tumbling ruinously to the ground. Besides, they must arrive hungry, not exhausted!

Last, but not least, the golf courses. Inclined elevators are great allies for golfers. They allow them to move easily from one field to another, without walking for a long time under the sun. On the other hand, a luxury facility deserves an elevator of the same level and responds to the need to make all services accessible.

Custom inclined elevators

What are the advantages of inclined elevators

There are many options to choose from and each of them can be implemented. What is certain is that inclined elevators are always an advantageous choice because:

  • They are safe, durable and customizable;
  • The tracks are silent, thanks to a refined acoustic insulation system;
  • The guides are easily adaptable to the characteristics of the construction;
  • There is the possibility to choose among all possible comforts (music, benches, air conditioning, curtains, customized interior and exterior design)

A help for activities

Inclined elevators are not only useful for the customers of our businesses, but they are also a great way to facilitate the work of our employees. In fact, they are excellent for transporting equipment, supplies and personnel from one point to another of our industrial plants. They are designed to be more resistant, being exposed to the elements, and perfect to face even the most difficult situations. Not to mention that by turning to professionals in the sector, all the features can be adapted to the needs of the individual. Therefore, inclined elevators are not simple luxury systems, but real functional tools for our activities. At Maspero we value safety and comfort a lot and an inclined elevator embodies these characteristics, respecting the highest standards. Whether the goal is customer satisfaction, or facilitate our business, inclined elevators can really make our life easier. And if you don’t know where to start, the Maspero team is always ready to clarify any doubts or concerns and to satisfy the requests of its customers.

Transparent inclined elevator