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Inclined elevators are one of the most talked about mobile infrastructures in various design areas.

There are several possibilities of use and the advantages deriving from it, as well as the types of inclined lifts that can be made to meet different needs.

At Maspero we take care of designing them according to customer requests, making sure to build what is not only a means of transport, but also a decidedly new movement experience.

Inclined elevators: what are they exactly?

With the term “inclined lift” (or “oblique”) we refer to a mechanical instrument capable of making a connection between two stations of different altitudes, following a non-linear but curved or oblique path.

The use for this type of device is manifold. It can be used in shopping malls, subways, stations and airports as well as in residential areas, or be used for the transport of disabled people or people with reduced mobility; it also allows you to visit and admire architectural buildings of artistic value and at the same time difficult to access.

Often, in fact, historic buildings (such as fortresses or archaeological sites) are located in contexts, both urban and suburban, which do not allow easy access, and the inclined elevator allows you to reach them safely and in a reasonable time.

There are hardly any unbeatable gradients or slopes, for an inclined elevator.

It is obviously important to carry out ahighly qualified and professional design, which takes into account all the salient aspects that must be the basis of the realization of this type of infrastructure.

The main characteristic to define this means of transport is, as the name implies, the slope: this must be between 15 ° and 75 °.  In fact, exceeding this last value, we speak of vertical elevators and no longer oblique.

 They are not comparable to funiculars, from which they are also distinguished because the numberof passengers they carry is decidedly smaller.

In addition, cable cars face paths with less difference in height, and move thanks to dragging mechanisms and not lifting, as happens in the case of inclined elevators.

inclined elevatorsWhat types of inclined elevators are there?

Inclined elevators can be of various types, which have in common a decidedly low environmental impact and a possible use both outdoors and indoors.

They can be made either with haul rope or with hydraulic traction, and always include a glass cabin that allows you to enjoy the vision of any type of landscape during movement. The cabin can have different shapes (for example, square orre-ettangular, circular or rounded), and also have seats instead of large handles used to allow passengers to stand.

The latest innovation, carried out by Maspero, is the use of electronic models that use self-charging or are powered by solar energy.

Each inclined lift runs on tracks that are sloping, tracks that are designed to allow the path on a land in altitude, allowing at the same time not to run into other buildingsor trees, in maximum safety.

usi ascensore inclinatoThere is always an emergency system that is activated through brakes, which allow a fall arrest.

 All operation is automated, in order also to check that the speed limit is always respected (3 meters per secondor), guaranteeing in any case a minimum electricity consumption. Therefore, there is no need for internal staff to ensure the operation of inclined elevators, and this is a significant positive impact on costs.

However, you can always expect the use of CCTV cameras and a 24/24 control room, to continuously monitor the interior of the elevators and all their functions.

In addition to being less expensive than cable cars, this type of infrastructure providesfor easier installation and not major maintenance needs. Another undeniable advantage is the very short time for the assembly of an oblique lift.

In fact, no special structural work is required, and thanks to rails already assembled, the installation can be carried out in much less time than the cable cars. In just two weeks, an oblique elevator can be seen installed in its entirety.

As mentioned above, they can also be located in interesting areas, such as buildings and shopping centres.

The possible applications of an inclined elevator

Inclined elevators are finding more and more use, because they lend themselves to being used in different situations, offering an excellent quality / price ratio.

This, along with additional benefits such as quick installation and minimal environmental impact compared to other infrastructure.

They allow you to overcome differences in height, stairs and slopes, and as mentioned they lend themselves to a wide variety of use.

Let’s see in detail the main ones:

  • Oblique elevators can be used in those cities where the historic center and the rest of the neighborhoods are located at different heights: a rather frequent situation in Italy, rich in medieval villages that have this type of urban planning. Theyare the necessary connection to allow the movement of people and goods, and allow you to enjoy breathtaking views
  • An inclined elevator can replace escalators, in public places such as shopping malls, airports, stations, subways, facilitating the transit of passengers, making it faster, more comfortable and practical. This is particularly useful for those with disabilities, the elderly and children.
  • In recent years, this mobile infrastructure has been increasingly sought after in the tourism sector. In hotels and accommodation facilities, it allows you to easily connect beaches and other places of relaxation and entertainment
  • Even in the private construction sector, inclined elevators are emerging. For example, Maspero has created in a villa, an oblique elevator that allows you  to enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Lugano, thanks to a spectacular glass cabin.

Our company is increasingly focusing on the realization of this type of elevators, foreseeing an increasing use of them.

As we have explained above, there are numerous reasons that can lead to the construction of an inclined elevator. Last but not least, the speed of installation and a very interesting value for money, as well as the aesthetic value and all its numerouseroded declinations of use.

We invite you to contact us if you have  any questions about it, we certainly have the solution for all your needs and we will be happy to answer you, giving you all the information you need.