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London, UK – Maspero Elevatori was selected as sole supplier of panoramic visitor elevators and truck-lift installed at one of the world’s most prestigious museums in London. The glass-enclosed elevators, capacity 3,500 kg, are characterized by architectural quality (design by Rogers Stirks Harbour and Partners) and technological refinement (latest-generation gearless machinery, regenerative inverters, and Eco Mode energy-saving function). The truck-lift unit, capacity 42,000 kg, 18 x 4.5 m, is a one-off in the world elevator scene, carrying artwork transport vehicles directly from street level to the museum laboratories. The shaft, in turn, is sealed by a mobile platform, of equal dimensions, driven by an independent hydraulic circuit, its movement synchronized with that of the cabin by laser sensors. The erection of the elevators was recently completed and is now in the commissioning phase.