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Commercial lifts are essential components of modern buildings, providing safe and efficient transportation for people and goods. 

Commercial lifts are defined as elevators or other lifting devices used in non-residential buildings, such as offices, hospitals, and shopping centers

Maspero Evelatori creates different types of commercial lifts, each with unique features and benefits. 

Some examples of our products are our panoramic glass lifts, vertical lifts, and inclined lifts.

The choice of commercial lift depends on the building’s specific needs, such as the number of floors, the type of goods transported, and the available space.

Commercial lifts are crucial in modern buildings, enhancing accessibility and convenience for building occupants and visitors. Installing a lift ensures that people with mobility issues can maintain their independence and move around the building with ease. Additionally, larger capacity commercial lifts are suitable for buildings with high traffic, such as airports and train stations, where large groups of people need to be transported at the same time.

With the variety of commercial lifts available, building owners and managers can choose the type that best meets their building’s specific needs, ensuring that everyone can move around the building with ease and comfort.

Commercial lifts

Types of commercial lifts and their uses

Passenger lifts are a common type of commercial lift found in various buildings, including high-rise residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, shops, hotels, spa, and schools. These lifts are designed to transport people and are equipped with advanced components and good build quality for reliability and easy installation. They come in different sizes and styles, including traction and hydraulic lifts, and are essential for providing safe and efficient vertical transportation in high-rise buildings.

It’s crucial to perform adequate maintenance of the elevators to ensure functionality and maximum safety to ensure a long life for the lifts of every typology.  

Other types of commercial lifts are realized to be explosion-proof lifts or ATEX lifts: these elevators are necessary for hazardous environments. Explosions can cause serious injury or death, and hazardous environments can include areas with flammable gases, liquids, or dust. These environments require special precautions to prevent accidents. Explosion-proof lifts are designed to prevent sparks that could ignite flammable materials and have stricter safety requirements.

Service lifts are designed for specific building needs and for transporting various goods, including food, laundry, and waste, between different floors. These lifts are typically larger and more robust than passenger lifts. They come in different styles, including dumbwaiters, trolley lifts, and low pit lifts, and are commonly found in hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. Additionally, wheelchair lifts can be installed in commercial buildings to provide accessibility for individuals with mobility impairments.

Considerations when choosing a commercial lift

Choosing the right commercial lift for a building is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. The lift should be safe, appropriate for the building’s needs, and cost-effective. 

Maspero Elevatori provides commercial lifts that meet all safety standards and regulations.

Moreover, our lifts are realized following the most innovative criteria for design, aesthetics, and functionality. We are among the best Italian lift manufacturers, recognized throughout the world.

Our brand reputation is constantly growing, and this is also demonstrated by the numerous contact requests we receive every day, to which our professionals respond exhaustively.

Our role is mainly to offer bespoke customized elevators, which meet all the needs of each of our customers.

Whatever type of lift you want to design, write to us, and we will give you all the advice and information to allow you to make the best choice.