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Commercial lifts maintenance: a real money saver

Buying commercial lifts involves a considerable investment, especially if they are design lifts with fine finishes, and the fear of many is to spend as much money to repair any damage, that time and wear can cause. To avoid managing an expensive (and unexpected) repair, it is important to periodically perform proper maintenance of the lift, to ensure correct and prolonged operation.

Commercial lifts

Avoid DIY

It might be tempting to think about managing the maintenance of your commercial lift by yourself. Actually, it is a risky move, especially since people’s safety is at stake. Lifts, in general, and commercial lifts, in this specific case, are complex machinery and require professional intervention. Where to turn? Only and exclusively to companies with qualified technical personnel, to ensure an efficient maintenance service on any type of lift. 

How to save money on maintenance

The more you spend, the less you spend

Periodic maintenance has a cost, of course. But compared to the costs that we should face in case of breakdowns, it is a negligible expense. A commercial lift that receives periodic checks runs less risk of suffering damage to the mechanisms that allow it to function properly. Conversely, elevators for which there is no maintenance plan tend to be damaged faster, requiring more interventions.

The importance of cleaning

Let’s not neglect the cleaning of the pit of our commercial lift. Moisture or oil leaks can damage the mechanisms. The cleaning process cannot be carried out by simple “willing people”, because they do not have authorization and because, in case of problems, the owner of the system would pay the consequences. Even improvised technicians should be avoided: the idea of “halving” costs could be tempting, but this often results in the use of poor spare parts, which break easily and undermine the safety of the entire system.

A regular maintenance schedule

Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to carry out maintenance on our commercial lifts once in a while, without a specific program. If maintenance and inspections are not regular, you are more likely to face problems that require expensive repairs. This is because, during maintenance interventions, some gears may malfunction, but, if replaced in time, this will involve minimal expense and will avoid much worse and much more expensive damage in the future. In Maspero we propose a personalized and scheduled maintenance plan, depending on the use of the system, to optimize costs and receive a tailor-made service.

Commercial lifts

Open the doors to savings

It may seem like a slogan, but actually it is meant literally. Regularly checking doors means reducing emergency calls by 70%. Doors that are misaligned or have debris in the tracks, increase the risk of failure, resulting in costly repairs. In conclusion, ensuring a long life for our commercial lift means giving value to the initial investment. And contacting trained and constantly updated personnel will eliminate the risk of having an obsolete, worn and expensive system. At Maspero, quality and safety will always come first.