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Commercial lift
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27 May 2023

Commercial lifts: types and uses

Commercial lifts are essential components of modern buildings, providing safe and efficient transportation for people and goods.  Commercial lifts are defined as elevators or other lifting devices used in non-residential buildings, such as offices, hospitals, and shopping centers.  Maspero Evelatori creates different types of commercial lifts, each with unique features…
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17 January 2023

Panoramic glass lifts: the elegance of transparencies

Panoramic glass lifts: the elegance of transparencies Panoramic glass lifts have always been considered elegant systems, which fit discreetly into any context, enhancing it. They are therefore an appropriate choice both for modern and luxurious environments, which need an additional touch of class and refinement, and for historical sites, resulting…
Inclined elevators
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14 October 2022

Inclined elevators, enjoy the ride

Inclined elevators, also known as funiculars or external elevators, are often used in residential builddings located on hills, to allow users to move from one point of the residence to another, without the discomfort of the slope. However, they are also great for commercial uses.If the business in question is…
Larvotto beach panoramic lift Maspero Elevatori_promenadelevel05
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28 September 2021

Sea view lifts for Renzo Piano’s redevelopment project in the Principality of Monaco

From the collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop, 6 lifts are born that are part of the redevelopment project of the only public beach in the Principality. Steel and design to resist saline corrosion with style Made in front of the sea, the four panoramic lifts tailor-made by Maspero Elevatori…
Inclined lift in India
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15 January 2018

Tending to Nirvana, peace and serenity on earth, India.

Chandigarh - Paradise can be an ultra-luxury residence immersed in Indian nature. A place of living where everything is aimed at achieving well-being. The vertical lift systems ensure the internal connections to the buildings, while the inclined lift acts as an external infrastructure, connecting the open spaces, in a symbolic…