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11 May 2023

The highest level of security: explosion-proof lifts

In hazardous work environments, such as mines, chemical plants, oil refineries, explosions can occur due to the presence of flammable dust, vapors, gasses.  These explosions can cause significant damage to property and equipment, and in the worst case they can lead to severe injuries and  fatalities. Consequently,  it is very…
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17 January 2023

Panoramic glass lifts: the elegance of transparencies

Panoramic glass lifts: the elegance of transparencies Panoramic glass lifts have always been considered elegant systems, which fit discreetly into any context, enhancing it. They are therefore an appropriate choice both for modern and luxurious environments, which need an additional touch of class and refinement, and for historical sites, resulting…
lift Milano
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6 January 2023

L’ascensore panoramico: la scelta della Milano moderna

L’ascensore panoramico: la scelta della Milano moderna Scegliere il design senza rinunciare alla funzionalità L’ascensore panoramico è un elemento architettonico che nasce per incorporare design e funzionalità e per questo motivo la realizzazione è alquanto complessa. Il risultato deve essere un’opera che si inserisca armoniosamente nel paesaggio, arricchendolo e offrendo…
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5 January 2023

Ascensori panoramici in vetro, l’eleganza delle trasparenze

Ascensori panoramici in vetro: l'eleganza delle trasparenze  Gli ascensori panoramici in vetro sono da sempre considerati impianti eleganti, che si inseriscono con discrezione in qualsiasi contesto, valorizzandolo. Risultano quindi una scelta adeguata sia per ambienti moderni e di lusso, che hanno bisogno di un ulteriore tocco di classe e raffinatezza, che per…
Inclined elevators
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14 October 2022

Inclined elevators, enjoy the ride

Inclined elevators, also known as funiculars or external elevators, are often used in residential builddings located on hills, to allow users to move from one point of the residence to another, without the discomfort of the slope. However, they are also great for commercial uses.If the business in question is…
Inclined lift for the metro station at Gare St. Nazaire, Paris - France
11 March 2021

Smart mobility with the inclined elevators

Maspero Elevatori offers a wide range of smart mobility solutions with its inclined elevators all made in Italy. At Maspero Elevatori, we take pride in building the most beautiful and functional inclined elevators and we carefully take into account the customer’s every need. We are able to provide a complete package of…