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Atex elevators

Maspero elevatori ascensori e montacarichi antideflagranti per settore industria
ascensori antideflagrantiAscensori AtexAtex elevatorsBlogExplosion-proof lifts
21 September 2023

Explosion-proof lifts: a guarantee of maximum safety

The installation of explosion-proof lifts is necessary in all those industrial plants at risk of fire and explosion. Hazardous environments are for example steel mills, chemical plants, excavation areas, and oil refineries.  Maspero built three explosion-proof elevators at a major refinery in Bathinda, India. Three lifts that comply with ATEX…
Atex elevatorsBlog
14 July 2023

Atex lifts by Maspero, the highest level of safety

In industries where flammable materials are used, safety is of utmost importance. Explosions can cause serious damage to equipment, facilities, and most importantly, human life.  ATEX lifts by Maspero Elevatori are designed to prevent explosions in hazardous environments and provide the highest level of safety.  In fact, they are equipped…
Atex elevatorsBlog
17 June 2023

Atex elevators: all the requirements

Elevators play an essential role in modern society, implementing effective and convenient vertical transportation in various settings such as residential buildings, commercial complexes, and industrial facilities.  With the increasing request for elevators in hazardous environments, developing and implementing Atex elevators have become paramount.  Atex elevators are realized to meet specific…