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Your building deserves a bespoke Maspero Elevatori lift.

Choose the best solution for you

We design and manufacture efficient and safe elevators and mini-lifts suitable for any installation and we solve technical problems such as reduced headroom or pit while at the same time enhancing the building itself. Our technicians follow every production step as well as the maintenance and after sales services.

Home elevators: the right lift for your house

If you need to build a lift for your home, whether in house or external, Maspero Elevatori has the right solution for you: in fact, we are able to build domestic elevators that not only will serve greatly the purpose of moving people from a floor to another, but will also be highly functional and beautiful to behold. Our goal in designing residential lifts is to find the perfect balance between a perfectly functional house elevator and an integrated piece of design: for that matter, it is even possible to choose between a classic lift or a panoramic elevator, which will also be an improvement for the building from an esthetic point of view.

The right solution for each building

Whether it is residential or commercial, a hospital or any other type of building, Maspero Elevatori can cope with any transportation need, studying customized solutions. Vertical elevators and mini-lifts, inclined elevators, escalators, lifting platforms: tell us what your requirement is and we will translate it into a convenient project, in terms of quality, safety, price/performance ratio and design.
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Car lift in Lugano

Car lift, Lugano

Bespoke platform lift for an office building

Allianz Headquarters, Trieste, Italy

Glass vertical passenger lifts

Deloitte Headquarters, Milan, Italy

Glass escalators and lifts

Stezzano Shopping Center, Bergamo, Italy

Inclined glass lift for Auditorium Grappa Nardini

Convention Hall in Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Bespoke vertical pltarmform lift, project of Renzo Piano

Intesa Sanpaolo Auditorium, Turin, Italy

Ascenosre verticale da esterno per condominio

Housing in Inner Courtyard, Milan, Italy

Panoramic lifts from outside and without shaft

Il Sole 24Ore Headquarters, Milan, Italy

Ascensori verticali panoramici presso Padiglione Italia

Italian Pavillion, Expo Milan, Italy

Vertical glass elevator for office building

Scenic lift in an office building