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Historically, human beings have always worked hard to promote mobility in general. But we often underestimate the importance of ensuring vertical mobility inside any building. Lifts are now a tool that is part of our daily lives and we often take for granted their usefulness and their great ability to adapt to the needs of the individual. Let’s think of a bespoke lift: a system of this type satisfies specific requests and it is surprising to think of the progress that technology has made in this sense. So let’s find out in detail what are the advantages and possible applications of a high-level customized system.


bespoke elevator

Whether it’s a luxury boutique hotel or a historic building, the lift becomes not only an essential tool for usability, but also an accessory that gives a unique character and style to any context. In fact, a bespoke lift allows you to have a system designed specifically for its location, not only from a functional and structural point of view, but also from an aesthetic one. There are locations that require custom designed elevators. A luxury hotel will probably need a high-level lift with a sophisticated and thoughtfully designed style. Custom design can concern individual elements such as doors and cabin, or the installation of particular lighting or safety systems. For a bespoke lift, more than for a standard lift, it is advisable to contact professionals who carry out a project in compliance with current safety regulations.

Advantages of a bespoke lift

Let’s think of particularly crowded locations, such as a shopping center or a public facility. These buildings must be able to count on large and well-structured lifts, which allow a fluid movement of a conspicuous flow of people. The advantages in these contexts are clear:

  • They create dynamism and favor efficient mobility;
  • They make the structure in which they are inserted more harmonious;
  • They increase the degree of comfort and user satisfaction;
  • They are technologically advanced.
lift bespoke

In fact, a bespoke lift manages to enclose the practicality of a high-tech system, which makes them more functional and therefore safer, and the increased perception of exclusivity of the environments in which they are inserted. That’s why, in the first place, we usually start with the customization of the cabin. The cabin is the first visual element with which the user will interface. Making it comfortable, welcoming and safe is a business card with a great impact for those who use the services of the structure, who will probably be encouraged to return. The customer who purchases a customized system will be directly involved in the design phase: every aesthetic detail will be discussed with him and the resulting lift will be one that will bear his signature.

Different types

In structural terms, what are the types of custom lifts to choose from? We can divide them into three macro-categories:

  • Hydraulic lifts. They offer an excellent quality-price ratio and are well suited to low-rise buildings, characterized by reduced users.
  • Electric lifts. Recommended for buildings with heavy traffic. They are fast and silent.
  • MRL (Machine Room Less) elevators. These too are very fast and comfortable even in small spaces. This type of lift allows for considerable energy savings, thanks also to the lower electromechanical stresses.

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