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To connect the center of Riva del Garda to the ancient Venetian Bastion located on the slopes of Mount Rocchetta to defend the ancient walled city and its lake, Maspero Elevatori has designed and built an inclined elevator completely made of glass, which, in addition to fitting perfectly into the environment allows passengers to enjoy the unique panorama of Lake Garda.

The inclined elevator system, in stratified and transparent glass designed by Maspero for the project developed by Studio Ingegneri Associati Fontana & Lotti-Lorenzi, has a variable inclination from 37 ° to 43 °, a capacity of 1875 kg and allows the transport of 21 people. The 208-meter journey to reach the Bastion takes about 2 minutes with two stops and a travel speed of two meters per second.

Before the renovation, the Bastion could only be reached through a pedestrian path with travel times of about 30 minutes. The new altenative mobility solution guarantees better and higher accessibility in about two minutes, while at the same time allowing passengers to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the lake. The new inclined lift is important both for the tourist accomodation context of the municipality of Riva del Garda as well as for the whole community.

The inclined lift is equipped with a series of technological devices to regulate / control the flow of passengers.