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ATEX elevators that defeat danger

We hear more and more often about ATEX elevators. What are they specifically and who are they for? ATEX is the acronym for Atmospheres Explosives and indicates those explosion-proof lifts that protect the structure in the event of accidents, in potentially explosive environments.

These plants follow the European, North American and non-European directives and are installed in the industrial field to guarantee the safety of the workers. However, this type of elevator can also be used to transport heavy and hazardous loads in hazardous environments such as steel mills, oil tankers, fuel depots, power generation plants, chemical plants, and so on.



Purchase or conversion of explosion-proof lifts

There are many industrial plants with potentially explosive atmospheres. Therefore it is easy to imagine that an inadequately protected plant could lead to a very high risk for the production site and the workers. For this reason it becomes essential to contact qualified professionals, who have the skills to make industrial plants safe with the installation (or conversion) of ATEX elevators. Environments characterized by high temperatures, or high concentrations of dangerous gases or flammable liquids necessarily require lifts of this type. Everything can be made according to the needs and requests of the customers, to obtain a high-level system from all points of view. There are, for example, solutions for automatic descent without user intervention, in the event of a power failure, fire or other emergencies. It is also possible to convert an existing system to ATEX. In this case, the goal is simple: to keep the original components of the system and make only the modifications strictly necessary to make the system explosion-proof.

atex elevator

How to choose the best ATEX partners

In Europe, the number of companies and industrial plants that have requested the installation of ATEX lifts for the handling of potentially dangerous materials is increasing. But how to choose the right partner? When it comes to safety, innovation and training play a key role. To choose the professionals who install or convert ATEX elevators, it is necessary to make sure they have an internal technical office, which carries out continuous research on the most recent technological innovations and which can find effective solutions to the needs of each individual customer. Furthermore, a good partner does not limit itself to delivering the finished system, but carries out a real awareness-raising action on the ATEX front, with information courses to increase awareness of the importance of and compliance with the ATEX legislation. It will also be essential that a periodic control and overhaul service is offered for all systems of this type. ATEX elevators shall be explosion proof without breaks. In summary, suppliers of ATEX lifts will:

  • provide a continuous, efficient and punctual service, from design to delivery and subsequent maintenance of the lifts, using the best components with EX classification available on the market, as well as a valid after-sales service.
  • follow the project in each of its phases demonstrating high technical ability.

If you are looking for a “bombproof” solution (in every sense), do not hesitate to contact us. At Maspero, your satisfaction and safety are paramount.