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The installation of explosion-proof lifts is necessary in all those industrial plants at risk of fire and explosion.

Hazardous environments are for example steel mills, chemical plants, excavation areas, and oil refineries. 

Maspero built three explosion-proof elevators at a major refinery in Bathinda, India. Three lifts that comply with ATEX directives, acronym for ATmosphères and EXplosives (in Italian: “explosive atmosphere”) and that meet the highest standards of quality and safety, provided for this particular type of lifts.

In environments where high temperatures are produced, and potentially flammable gases, liquids or dusts, only equipment that follows the provisions of the ATEX regulation must be introduced.

This requires precise care in every phase of the design and installation of explosion-proof elevators, which must continue over time with adequate maintenance.


The requirements to be met by an ATEX lift

ATEX lifts must guarantee the safety of their structure even in the event of unforeseen events, such as earthquakes or other natural disasters that may lead to combustion and / or explosion in the environment.

This type of elevator is widely used not only for the transport of people, but also for that of heavy and dangerous materials.

What legislation are we talking about, however, when we refer to the ATEX regulation?

Specifically, the legislation governing the requirements for explosion-proof lifts is the Directive 94/9/EC, hereinafter implemented with Directive 2014/34/EU.

These standards define in detail all those safety specifications that each structure must have, to be used in all those places that have potentially explosive atmospheres, for the use of flammable substances.

The explosion-proof elevators made by Maspero, in addition to complying with the laws in force, are subjected to specific tests, to obtain  the CE mark and be sold within the European Union.

The production and installation of explosion-proof elevators is increasingly in demand in many industrial sectors, where their application must guarantee the highest standards in terms of efficiency and safety.

These elevators must in fact have characteristics of great resistance to heat and pressure, so as to be able to contain the spread of the effects of a possible accident and safeguard the health of the plant personnel. 

As with its entire range of lifts, Maspero has developed specific skills for the construction of systems capable of being used in extreme conditions, also characterized by resistance against corrosion.

If you need to install one or more lifts with explosion-proof properties, you can get in touch with our technical office, which will respond promptly and at the same time giving you information consistent with your questions. 

For over 50 years we have been synonymous with guarantee  in the design and installation of elevators in every context, satisfying even the most demanding requests.

Our solutions are customized according to customer requests, and operate in full compliance with the provisions of the law, to offer a large-scale production that also sees the construction of explosion-proof elevators as the result of the most advanced and innovative technologies.