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Choose design without sacrificing functionality

The panoramic elevator is an architectural element that was created to incorporate design and functionality and for this reason the realization is quite complex. The result must be a work that fits harmoniously into the landscape, enriching it and offering a strategic view of the area, without disfiguring it, and above all without neglecting the quality of the lift on a technical level. In the realization, the morphology of the territory or, in the case of urban contexts, the style of the same must be taken into account. We must consider the panoramic elevator as a luxury accessory that aims to embellish a building or an urban area. And in terms of design, glass is undoubtedly the most suitable material, because it feeds on the elegance of its context, without altering its aesthetic characteristics. When it comes  to commercial elevators and, in  particular, panoramic elevators, study and design become the keys to success, as for the Porta Nuova district project, in which Maspero made his contribution.


The Porta Nuova district project

Porta Nuova is a district that has overturned the rules of traditional architecture, putting people and the environment first. Recently an urban redevelopment project has been implemented, to make it the first sustainable district in the world, complete with certifications. In addition to sustainability, a lot of emphasis has been placed on design and space optimization. A tangible break with the past to give space to new values based on culture and exchange. Everything is covered with greenery and transparencies, to convey positivity to people walking in the most nonconformist neighborhood in Italy. Importance is given to open spaces to create a neighborhood not only of work and business, but of life and leisure. The Porta Nuova district thus becomes an invitation to experience outdoor environments. This goal was also achieved thanks to Maspero’s panoramic lifts.

panoramico milano

The choice of the panoramic hydraulic lift

The idea behind this urban regeneration project was to break down the traditional idea of concrete buildings that take away light and create suffocating limits to the urban environment. The concrete is therefore replaced by wood (a deliberate reference to trees) and glass that reflects the blue of the sky, creating openness, airiness and lightness, almost as if the buildings were a continuation of the same. The symbol par excellence of this new concept of architecture is Piazza Gae Aulenti, defined as one of the most beautiful squares in the world, which received the Landscape award. A square where modernity and sustainability blend together, to give life to a harmonious space of social aggregation. Contributing to this vision is also the circular panoramic lift by Maspero Elevatori, which blends perfectly into the style of this new Milan. The panoramic circular elevator, in addition to the two panoramic walkways on Via Melchiorre Gioia, is a hydraulic elevator, made entirely of glass and steel, with stone floor, which leads from Porta Garibaldi to Piazza Gae Aulenti. It is extremely suggestive and goes well with the idea behind the project to expand pedestrian usability, improving accessibility to public spaces, and to encourage slow mobility. Perhaps it is not  one of Maspero Elevatori’s most extreme challenges, but it is certainly one of the greatest satisfactions.