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Vizcaya – Maspero Elevatori is very sensitive to urban transport problems in northern Spain, which is why we have successfully supplied and installed the eighth unit so far. Automatic inclined elevator, 3 stops, 46 m of travel, constant inclination 14.65 °. The cabin, carrying 1875 kg (can carry up to 25 people), stands out on the urban scene: the facades of the buildings loom over the runway, the lift runs at their base, overcoming the difference in level, in synergy with the stairs flank. An alternative, efficient, green mobility. The smart city is already the present. The inclined lift follows a straight line, minimizing the amount of soil occupied by the transport route and allowing access to places that would otherwise be difficult to pass. A solution desired by the Municipal Administration and created by Maspero. A fruitful partnership in social terms, pursuing the continuous improvement of urban liveability.