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“The idea of beauty is always accompanied by the idea of good: there is no beauty without goodness”, Renzo Piano

The Emergency pediatric surgery center in Uganda, designed by Renzo Piano, was inaugurated on 21 April. A point of reference for the surgical needs of the entire African continent, the center will treat children and young people under 18 with congenital malformations, urological and gynecological problems, gastrointestinal tract anomalies, diseases of the biliary system and cleft cheilos free of charge, offering assistance with hospital techniques, thanks to highly qualified medical, paramedical and technical personnel.

Among the objectives of the Center, also the training of doctors and nurses who can contribute to improving pediatric surgery in Uganda.

Maspero Elevatori was involved in this important project and built and installed a customized automatic hydraulic stretcher lift.

“We are proud to have contributed with our technology and our expertise to such a concrete solidarity project that, in addition to hope and comfort, brings beauty to one of the many peripheral lands of the world”, commented our CEO, Andrea But I hope.

The lift has a capacity of 1,520 kg and a capacity of 20 people, and allows the transport of a litter with accompanying persons.

The entire project was carried out pro bono by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop studio, in collaboration with TAMassociati and the Emergency Building Division. Particular attention was paid to environmental sustainability, with an endowment of about 2,500 photovoltaic solar panels to cover part of the energy needs of the Center.

Listen to the testimonies of the Medical Coordinator of the new Center for Pediatric Surgery in Entebbe and Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY.

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