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A tribute to the Mediterranean: this is how Mareterra was born, the eco-friendly real estate project signed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Valode & Pistre Architectes and the landscaping studio of Michel Desvigne who have chosen the lifts by Maspero Elevatori for a work of great architectural importance.

Mareterra is a visionary project that aims to transform the way of living residential, cultural and meeting spaces by celebrating the spirit and sensations of the Mediterranean. The origin of the name Mareterra is inspired by two elements of the project that are complementary to each other, the sea and the earth.

Lifts to combine design and sustainability

The Mareterra project focuses in particular on technology, design and sustainability: from Port Hercule to Larvotto beach, 152 thousand square meters of sea fill will be perfectly integrated with the profile of the coasts and will be perceived as a natural extension of the territory.

Sustainability and liveability of the urban spaces at the base of this project will also be visible visually once completed: 26,000 square meters will be dedicated to greenery with over 800 trees planted, 19,000 square meters of pedestrian areas and 600m of additional cycle path.

“Our involvement in such an ambitious project makes us proud because it confirms our expertise in knowing how to combine technology and design in a highly reliable and aesthetically beautiful product – says Andrea Maspero, CEO of Maspero Elevatori. – We are happy to be part of a great team of professionals, to collaborate with great architects, engineers and builders, landscape and marine biology experts in the development of an architecturally extraordinary project that is particularly sophisticated and futuristic from a technical point of view “.

Due to the particular marine context and the prestigious architectural relief, Maspero Elevatori has implemented some peculiar characteristics both in the design phase and, subsequently, in that of construction of the 24 vertical lifts.

  • The lifts will be resistant to the saline environment and the external ones, for public use, also to the wind.
  • Maximum use of space guaranteed thanks to the elevators of the Koala line, characterized by the absence of the machine room and ideal in buildings without permanent shelter volumes.
  • To offer a view of the bay, some of the elevators in the apartment complex will be made of crystal.
  • Panoramic and with a capacity of 1,600 kg the lifts for public use that will be built for the Periscope, the metal and glass structure that will connect the Le Petit Portier marina to the Place Princesse Gabriella at the center of the Upper Promenade.

The start of the works

The installation of the elevators will begin at the end of 2021 to end in 2026; an ideal continuation of the collaboration with the architect Renzo Piano also in the principality of Monaco, after the works carried out for the redevelopment of the Larvotto beach. In particular, Maspero Elevatori was chosen by the contractor who is overseeing the work of the entire project, SAM L’Anse Du Portier, the consortium of companies Bouygues Travaux Publics, J.-B. Pastor & Fils and .. Here the dedicated news.